What We Do 

The Brand Voice was created for anyone interested in marketing, social good, ethical business practices, the future of business and the intersections of any of those areas.

We are first and foremost content creators on a mission to discover what makes businesses sustainable, that is, profitable and adding value to the world in a meaningful way. 



We Are

The Brand Voice was founded by Zoe Share, CEO of performance branding agency Schmooz Media. The Brand Voice is represented by a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and business leaders.

While we have conversations with all different sorts of business models, this publication focuses on partnerships with brands who have made a commitment to giving back.

We believe in

Asking questions that dig deep
Telling great stories

The Brand Voice is fueled by intentional questions and aims to get to the point. We're not a brand who cares about painting a pretty picture by asking questions that will makes a brand look good, we care about growth through inquiry and curiosity.

Great content is about adding true value to our audience. Every piece of content is produced to make sure you're able to access the learnings we get in our interviews quickly and enjoyably. 

Partnerships that create opportunities to change the world

The Brand Voice collaborates and has conversations with brands that have all types of different values and structures, however The Brand Voice focuses on building partnerships with social enterprises or charitable groups that support solving the  biggest social issues of our time. 

Interested in advertising or partnership opportunities? Use the contact form below and we will send you more information.

Connecting with brands who put value(s) first

We believe in a future where people lead with their values. Unlike where we are born, our sex, religion or level of education, our values are a chance to choose and share what is important to us in a way that connects us. Even if we have different values, this transparency can make business more impactful.